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i know more than i ever wanted to about programmatically composed node streams and now so do you


wish you would step back from that ledge my friend


its ada lovelace day get angry
the day the lightrail got a coc
where do junior developers come from


a theory on tech community drama
how to blog about code and give zero fucks
the step back
we dont swim in your toilet
we need more minority devs in corner offices
what might a ladies js group look like


a retirement fund for your javascript
angelina jolie
answering the wrong question
authority and paying your dues
choosing template engines
etsy oauth in node
from mockup to code efficiently
girl ghettos 2
giving greenfield stuff to newbs
hostess and britruby
is it me or are we going backward
javascript hotline
join the internet see the world
ladies speaking
sometimes community sucks
using javascript templates
what the fuck is an entrepreneur
you keep using that word


a wishlist for contenteditable
calling the github api with node js
girl power
nested callbacks in jquery begone
no country for old hackers
separation of concerns is a bunch of bull
the 150k solution
there were about ten women at hack night tonight it was awesome
things that actually matter
too much jquery
widgets for third party sites


10 web revolutionaries
5 ways to not write html in your backend code
a healthy level of distrust
a thoroughly subjective history of the anchor tag
adobe products and the will to tinker
all girl hack night
all girl hack night how it went
bra of uncertainty
css live and application state
defending terrible things
delegate and actually thinking
five reasons you should ask qa first
intializing dynamic templates
jquery templates plus a pony
jsperf vs templates
making a really simple text editor
model view controller and roomy clothes
perfect templates
planning a frontend architecture
templates slides presenting for the first time and omg massive freakout
the jtemplates experiment
this one doesnt count
tiny little template patterns for tiny little html snippets
tracking focus on multiple objects
whats bigger than a tweet but smaller than a blog post


an exciting morning with bookmarklets
cheesy vs reinventing the wheel
font face ur doin it wrong
hierarchies taxonomies categories drill downs etc
if wishes were browsers
jtemplates easy answers to dumb questions
mvc in javascript
theres a war on
triumphs of bad design
two steps back


blah blah blah css variables
forms without lists
more than an ellipsis
navigation borders firefox 3
not top ten just ten
pull the thread it all falls apart
return of the tables
this self documenting stuff is better in theory
whats wrong with floats whats wrong with css