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@font-face: ur doin it wrong.

Thu, 09 Jul 2009 18:53:46 +0000
The good news is that slushmine is getting closer to live. If you're interested in writing for fun, you can sign up to be updated when the site goes live, or leave me a comment here if you want to be part of the closed beta. The bad news is my tragic failure to grasp @font-face. Despite the rumors that Safari, Opera, and the latest Firefox release support it, it does absolutely nothing when I try to apply it to that little welcome page. I'm currently trying to use the font Junction from The League of Moveable Type, but I've tried several others, in case the font file I downloaded was the problem. Seemingly, it wasn't. Currently, Firebug doesn't even show my @font-face declaration, which leaves me a little concerned about my syntax. I'm using some pretty simple code, nothing remotely fancy: /* Font credit: */ @font-face { font-family: Junction; src: url(font-info/Junction-01.otf) format("opentype"); font-style: normal; } I've been reading bits and pieces on @font-face for months and been excited to have a place to try it out. Slushmine's dull Tahoma seemed like a great candidate, but if I bang my head against the desk much longer I may just settle for that.