Hi, my name is Garann Means. I'm an experienced full-stack JavaScript developer and I'd like to tell you the things I can do for your organization.

Front-end JavaScript is my bread and butter, and I can write nearly anything you need. I've been writing DOM manipulation scripts since the nineties. At Editorially I worked on a very complex JS front-end that worked heavily with the text selection API. At Gerson Lehrman Group I built a single-page app for creating custom surveys with complicated input fields such as matrices, weighted questions, and conditional branching all available for the user to create via front-end interactions.

Thoughtful HTML and CSS are necessary not only for a nice design, but for performance and accessibility. I'm proud to have added the first CSS for layout to the WA Secretary of State site, ushering it out of the table-based layout era. At Vast I worked on cleaning up deeply nested HTML so JavaScript could access elements more easily. I've also written polyfills for as-yet-unsupported features; one at uShip to provide the equivalent to text-overflow: ellipsis and a video player at M:Metrics, for example.

The coding pieces of my Computer Science education used back-end languages. I wrote a .NET MVC framework for Starling Systems before the platform included one, wrote a widget library in Java for Eoscene, and even wrote some COBOL to maintain legacy code at the WA State Department of Corrections. Even in front-end roles, I wrote a bit of PHP at Etsy and some Ruby at Editorially. I've written or maintained Node services at several companies, and use it as the back-end for most of my side projects.

I've received formal trainings in project management techniques twice, and even studied UML in school, but my role in technical strategy planning has tended to be more practical. At Etsy I participated in modularizing existing JavaScript and at Editorially I helped restructure JS as a Backbone application. Since 2008, there's almost no work I've done that hasn't required assessing tools and frameworks. I'd explained the different advantages of various JS template engines so many times that I wrote a small tool capturing my research to help others choose the one that fit their needs.

When I started the Austin chapter of Girl Develop It I didn't have any other instructors lined up, so I taught everything. I've given trainings in HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript, JS architecture, and Node. I've also organized trainings led by others, finding qualified instructors and teaching materials as well as dealing with administrative elements like venues and fees. As a conference speaker, I've given introductions to Node, CSS3, and to JS templates on numerous occasions.

As someone who's learned many technologies on my own, good documentation is something I appreciate hugely. Besides blogging, I've contributed to docs on Mozilla Developer Network and I've written about using Node as a web server in a book from O'Reilly and a set of articles for A List Apart.


I'm an American citizen currently living in England. I speak English fluently, as well as beginner Spanish, German, and Italian. I worked remotely for both Etsy and Editorially, and have experience being the only remote person on teams, so don't feel limited by geography.


You can reach me at garann@gmail.com or +44 07478993018. I'm also on WhatsApp and Skypeโ€“contact me if you'd like to set up a time to talk there.